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Awaken Yourself

Join the webinar to maximize positivity, let go of stress and welcome harmony.

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12th January 2023 - Thursday, 07:00 PM PST

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Develop a Deeper Focus with Meditation.
Detox From Stress, Toxic Energy & Negative Thoughts.

Our minds are constantly spinning stories about our work, our health, our finances, our relationships, and our future. We are often unaware of the internal soundtrack that is running in our heads. If this has a negative playlist, it will create enormous stress on the mind as well as the body. 


Meditation is one of the most effective tools, we have for releasing the accumulated stress, encouraging positive thoughts and manifesting new intentions. It gives us the much needed peace of mind and brings us in the present moment. It enables us to shift from doing to being.


The Healing Benefits of Meditation

Reduces anxiety, depression and insomnia

Curbs the production of stress hormones

Improves immune system
and health

Increases growth of the anti-ageing hormone DHEA

Slows down the age
of the mind

blood pressure


What Will You Learn From This Webinar?

  • Techniques to replace the negative mental playlist
  • Experience of mental clarity and calmness
  • Instant fixes to sharpen your concentration
  • Powerful yet easy tricks to eliminate stress
  • Tools to enhance self-awareness

Meet your Coach

Renu Sethi

Meet your Coach

As a Well-Being Coach, I help my clients to deal with life’s challenges with ease, guide them to break-free from self-limiting beliefs and embrace infinite possibilities by tapping into your inner power.


I believe the divinity within can do anything and everything. You can tap into this power and invoke the healer and the manifestor in you. I will guide you how. 


What defines me is the ability to understand people, the urge to connect with them, and give them confidence and consolation in any situation.


Join me for this uplifting Webinar and reclaim your power! You will walk away feeling lighter, more positive, and more motivated.


She is very knowledgeable in her teachings and delivers the information in a clear, easy to understand format.
Wendy Basden
I learned how to love our own self. How to handle any situation with the practice of word ‘stop ‘and love others. I noticed changes in my life.
Sukhwant Kaur
She explained positive meditation and mindfulness well. I felt a lot calmer, more positive, and grounded after her guided meditation
Sherry Wuu
I now have the beginner meditation skills which have been helpful in so many situations. More importantly, One of my big take-aways is self-love and quietness.
Glenda Mayer

So, what are you waiting for, allow the power of meditation to being serenity and bliss in your life.