Renu Sethi


A Powerful, Life-Changing Workshop based on the Philosophy of Louise Hay.

Join this Course to Deepen Self-Love, Enhance Relationships and Attract Abundance.

Attend this 3 Day Virtual Course on

25th February – 27th February 2023, 6 pm to 7:30 pm PST

Love Yourself.
Transform Your Life Workshop

Thousands of people worldwide have attended Heal Your Life & Love Yourself workshops and seminars, which are based on the ideas of Louise L. Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life.” Participants rave about the positive changes it has enabled them to achieve in their lives.

Heal your life

What will you learn?

Mind-Body Connection

Manifesting Thoughts

Mirror Work

Letting Go Of The Past

Forgiving Oneself

Empowering Affirmations


How this course will benefit you?

  • Learn Techniques to release pent-up emotions, fear, anger, and guilt
  • Tap into the mind-body connection and let go of your old beliefs
  • Master affirmations & visualization to manifest your desires
  • Get Instant fixes to emotional health and well-being
  • Heightened ability to welcome change and new shifts
  • Tools to better manage self and build assertiveness
Discover the negative beliefs you’ve been holding about yourself and different areas of life (success, health, prosperity, relationships) and how to change them so you can really create the life you want and deserve.


Renu's sessions have been a life-changing course for me. This is, by far, the best "self-help" course I have ever undertaken. The way in which Renu helped me identify my issues, and addressed them was excellent because I was expertly guided to find my own solutions.
This course has helped me feel calmer, more focused, and think more clearly. I can make more informed decisions now, I can sleep better, I am transforming my relationships, and I have increased energy. The meditation technique has helped me with a battle I have had with insomnia.
Professionally, these sessions have helped me to be more effective in my communication with leaders, employees, peers, and internal customers; increased confidence in my own abilities; using coaching skills to help grow and develop my team; ability to better balance my passion for work and my time with family.
Kanwar Bhasin, California, USA
After joining Renu's program, I've experienced tremendous changes in life. My stress levels are now low and minimal. My medicines for stress prescribed by doctors have been reduced. My working efficiency is increased and I'm enjoying my work. My gratitude is for all in my life in general and to Renu Sethi in particular. Now, I am a happy and an energetic person.
Sanjay & Dimple Bahal, Delhi, India
“My sessions with Renu have been very valuable. I started to view myself differently and how I relate to those around me. It's subtle and not sure if others notice, but I do. One of my big take-aways is self-love and quietness. I've never been one to take time for myself. I am now taking more time for myself. It has shifted my priorities in a good way and is, overall, making me a better person.
Glenda Mayer
She is very knowledgeable in her teachings and delivers the information in a clear, easy to understand format.
Wendy Basden
I learned how to love our own self. How to handle any situation with the practice of word ‘stop ‘and love others. I noticed changes in my life.
Sukhwant Kaur

Meet your Coach

Renu Sethi

Meet your Coach

As a Well-Being Coach, I help my clients to deal with life’s challenges with ease, guide them to break-free from self-limiting beliefs and embrace infinite possibilities by tapping into your inner power.


I believe the divinity within can do anything and everything. You can tap into this power and invoke the healer and the manifestor in you. I will guide you how.


What defines me is the ability to understand people, the urge to connect with them, and give them confidence and consolation in any situation.


Join me for this life-changing course and reclaim your power! You will walk away feeling lighter, more positive, and more motivated.

Choose to create peace, harmony, and balance in your mind and you will find it manifest everywhere you go.

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Course Fee - $225

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